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We are the only international network of business men and women committed to advancing peaceful trade and human flourishing.  Our Chapters run independently - mainly focusing on hosting monthly events.

The hope is , in the near future, there will be a Bastiat Society Chapter in every city around the world - expanding our message in a grassroots manner. We are a wholesaler of liberty - making the ideas that enable peaceful trade and human flourishing available to the everyday businessperson. 

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Chapter Start-Up Process:

Step #1

Review our mission statement and philosophy.

Please note: Chapter organizers must be members of the business community. Government employees, elected officials, and full-time academics are not allowed to form Bastiat chapters.

Step #2

If you agree with our mission, and would like to learn more about starting a chapter, please complete this simple form:

We will contact you to schedule a phone call.

Step #3

If you would like to move forward, please complete the chapter application below. Our staff and board of directors will review your application and respond soon.

Once approved, connect with other Bastiat Society chapters, keep in touch with our staff, and grow your chapter.

Remember to remain positive, non-political, and education-focused. 

Why Start a Bastiat Society chapter?

We are the only international network of business men and women committed to advancing peaceful trade and human flourishing. 

The Bastiat Society's executive staff and directors work hard to provide our chapters with the resources they need to operate efficiently.

Our chapter leaders benefit from our executive team, board of directors, and a growing network of like-minded business leaders who are dedicated to helping you and your chapter. We work tirelessly to reduce chapter costs and advance the network around the globe.

What we expect from our chapters:
  • Be apolitical. Meetings must focus on ideas - not people or politics.
  • Host at least six liberty-minded events each year.
  • Be organized by business professionals and have its target audience be business professionals.


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