Chapter Sponsorship

Why sponsor a chapter?

The Bastiat Society often receives chapter applications from poorer countries, or from countries which prohibit international money transactions, wire transfers, etc. Therefore, many of these chapter leaders are simply unable to pay their annual chapter dues.

We feel these countries desperately need the ideas of liberty, and with your help we can connect these business leaders and their members to the very ideas which could help them - and their countries - the most.

Which chapters are eligible for sponsorship?

1.) Chapters in countries with a GDP/Capita of $3000 or less

Current GDP/Capita statistics 


2.) Chapters in counties which rank lower than 50 on Heritage's Economic Freedom Index 

Current Economic Freedom Index

How does it work?

Chapters currently eligible for annual sponsorship are listed on the right-hand side of this page. Anyone may sponsor these chapters for the annual amount shown.

The top sponsor(s) for each chapter are invited to the chapter's advisory committee. These sponsors are included in important communication between the Bastiat Society staff and the chapter. Furthermore, the chapter leader will report to the advisor(s) twice per year on chapter activity, growth, membership, etc.

If desired, these sponsors are recognized on the chapter's website.

How is the money used and is my money safe?

Your sponsorship helps offset expenses associated with chapter oversight, shipping, and other potential chapter expenses.

Your donation is safe because the funds stay with the Bastiat Society in the United States. However, items may be purchased and shipped to the chapter, and we may use your sponsorship to help the chapter director travel to a regional event or conference.

The chapter is free to raise and spend money at the local level.

Is my sponsorship tax deductible?

Yes! The Bastiat Society is a 501c3 organization (USA), and all donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

I'm in! How do I sponsor a chapter?

Online - Visit this page. Scroll down to "General Donations to chapters" and donate at least the sponsorship amount indicated. 

By check - Mail a check for at least the amount indicated to:

The Bastiat Society
180 Spring Street
Charleston, SC 29403
Include the chapter you are sponsoring in the memo line

Via Bank Transfer - Please contact us for more information

Wells Fargo
177 Meeting St.
Charleston, SC 29401
Swift #PNBPUS33
Account # 2000062526038
Routing #053207766

Note: Scroll down to "General Donations to chapters" and donate at least the indicated amount

Chapters Eligible for Sponsorship

The Bastiat Society of Ethiopia
Sponsorship: $1000 (min) per year

The Bastiat Society of Nigeria
Sponsorship: $1000 (min) per year

The Bastiat Society of Venezuela
Sponsorship: $1000 (min) per year

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