Leonardo Rota

Leo Rota has ten years of technical expertise during his career at DuPont in various capacities including: product support, industrial applications and field service operations with international responsibilities in the North & South America, EMEA and APAC regions in a B2B and B2C capacity.  

In 2013, He was recruited to a Silicon Valley Software Startup, ServiceMax. As Enterprise Practice Manager he successfully delivered field service software solutions to fortune 100 companies. ServiceMax has raised $202 million in funding and leads the massive and global industry of field service management software – an $18 billion market worldwide.

Leo has developed a strong passion for thought leadership in business and entrepreneurialism and discovered the Bastiat Society in 2010.  The mission of the Bastiat Society aligned with his view that principled-based leadership in business is arguably the most important mechanism that brings about true success in a company and results in a prosperous society. 

Leo felt compelled to start a Bastiat Chapter in Delaware to learn more and to fulfill his drive to seek clear, positive, non-political and respectful discussions about the important role of business in the global economy. 

He is committed to rekindling curiosity, challenging the status quo and digging deeper into the mechanics of what really creates a prosperous and free society.

Leo Rota is an MBA graduate from Drexel University.

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