Program Staff


Advisory Board

Dr.Peter Boettke
George Mason University
Dr.Richard Ebeling
The Citadel
Dr.Tom Palmer
Atlas Network
Dr.Donald Boudreaux
George Mason University
Dr.Richard Epstein
University of Chicago
Dr.Bradley Thompson
Clemson University
Dr. Peter Calcagno
College of Charleston
Dr. Bradley Hobbs
Florida Gulf Coast University
Dr. Bruce Yandle
Mercatus Center
Dr.Art Carden
Rhodes College/ Forbes
Dr.Jo Kwong
Philanthropy Roundtable
In Memory of...
John Blundell
1952 - 2014

John Blundell led the Atlas network and the Institute for Humane Studies. Educated at the London School for Economics, he had a keen sense of how history worked. He wrote numerous texts meant to aid those searching for guidance in how to promote social change towards liberty.

Blundell was awarded honorary degrees at both The University of Buckingham and Universidad Francisco Marroquin in Guatemala. John was committed to the Bastiat Society from day one and was integral to our success.

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