Inaugural UCCS Scholarship Recipient

June 2017

Congratulations to Becky Neumann, the recipient of the University of Colorado Springs’ first Bastiat Society Scholarship award!

This award is given to a student pursuing a degree within the UCCS School of Business who demonstrates understanding of the Bastiat fundamentals and why they continue to apply in the 21st Century. Becky Neumann is a great example of someone who is very deserving of this award, as she is very passionate about her business and administration studies. 

A message from the recipient...

"Even after two semesters at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, walking on campus for graduate classes still gives me pause. I have the opportunity to learn things that can have significant positive influence in society.

I attended the University of Northern Colorado as an undergraduate student where I majored in business management and minored in music. In following jobs I often ended up leading administrative processes for various teams, even if it wasn’t in my job description. I increasingly began channeling my energy and organizational skills toward administration.

I am now a full-time employee by day and student by night. I serve as the executive assistant to the U.S. CEO of a nonprofit organization, The Navigators, with 2,500 U.S. employees around the world. At the same time, I am working on an MBA in project management where I am learning the skills and impact of well-run businesses and administration. This scholarship is timely as the financial cost for the program is significant. I am honored to be the scholarship recipient and grateful to the Bastiat Society for this opportunity."

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