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Would you like to avoid politics, but still promote the ideas of free markets and responsible government in your community? We can help you start a Bastiat Society chapter in your hometown.
In the past few years, we’ve grown to over 20 chapters and have hosted over 300 events around the world. That’s a lot of experience, and starting a chapter has never been easier.

Please visit our START A CHAPTER webpage for more information.


What is a Bastiat Society Chapter?
We are the only international network of business men and women committed to advancing peaceful trade and human flourishing.

Our chapters come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing remains the same: they attract principled business men and women who care about the ideas of a free society.
Most chapters feature a discussion group with invited speakers.

What you can expect from us.
The Bastiat Society’s executive staff and directors work hard to provide our chapters with the resources they need to operate efficiently.

Our chapter leaders benefit from our executive team, board of directors, and a growing network of like-minded business leaders who are dedicated to helping you and your chapter.
From facilitating shared knowledge through speaker databases and a network directory, to designing and negotiating strategic partnerships for our chapters, we work tirelessly to reduce chapter costs and advance the network around the globe.

What we ask of you.
1.) Be apolitical. Meetings must focus on ideas - not people or politics.
2.) Remain active. Host at least six public events each year.
3.) Be organized by business professionals and engage your local business community.

Who can start a chapter?
Chapter directors must be members of the business community (i.e. not a professor, student, or an elected official).

How much time does it take?
Start and running a chapter is a commitment. But it’s worth it!

We estimate that each event takes 4 - 8 hours to plan. This decreases as you get better at hosting events and find additional volunteers.

How much does it cost?
All of our chapters are independent and are funded at the local level.

Your chapter’s budget will depend on the events you host, where you hold your meetings, and who you invite to speak at your chapter. But most events cost very little, and many chapters are funded entirely by modest donations and membership dues.

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For more information on the chapter formation process, please visit our START A CHAPTER webpage.

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