The Sound Money Project Joins AIER


The Sound Money Project joins the Bastiat Society as the newest program of AIER. Formerly a project of the Atlas Network, the Sound Money Project was created in 2009 with the purpose of conducting research and promoting awareness about monetary stability and financial privacy. In addition to publishing research and commentary, the project’s leaders occasionally participate in events, such as a panel discussion with monetary economists at the Mont Pelerin Society meeting last year.

William Luther, Director of the Sound Money Project, feels that this relationship with AIER will be extremely productive. “With AIER handling our back-end operations and providing strategic guidance,” Luther says, “those of us working on the Sound Money Project will be able to devote more time and attention to developing ideas and producing content—and that is what we do best.”

The Project is currently starting a new working paper series with the purpose of influencing opinions regarding financial systems. Their fellows have already produced many useful articles, but this new approach is more strategic and results-driven. “The new working paper series will provide fellows with feedback on early versions of their work while also increasing the circulation of their ideas,” Luther states. “The goal is to help our fellows produce even better articles which get read by more people and cited by more scholars.”

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