Silicon Valley Discussion Group Joins Bastiat Society Network

August 2017

In 1947 Friedrich Hayek, an economist and social philosopher who later won the Nobel Prize, organized a meeting at Mt. Pelerin, a resort in Switzerland. Classical liberalism had reached a low point, and Hayek convened a small group of economists and journalists for the purpose of preserving and developing free-market ideas and personal connections. The Mont Pelerin Society is now a large and prestigious international organization.

In this same spirit, a group of friends began to meet in San Jose in 2009 for the purposes of improving their understanding of economic theory, applying it to current events and sharing their understanding with others. In recognition of the example set by the Mont Pelerin Society, and looking out the window at the nearby landmark, they decided to name their group the Mont Hamilton Society (MHS). Members understand the realities of the business world and share an appreciation for free markets. 

As the group continues to grow, Mont Hamilton Society members welcome their new affiliation as a chapter of the Bastiat Society.

Many notable speakers have presented their ideas at MHS meetings and joined in discussion with members and guests. Among them have been: Don Boudreaux, Jerry Brito, Tim Sandefur, Mark Skousen, James Tooley, Barbara Oakley, David Skarbek, Tom Palmer, Charles Calomiris, Russ Roberts, Adam Thierer, Michael Munger, Jeffrey Rogers Hummel, and David Friedman.

Faculty and students from the Department of Economics at San Jose State University are frequent guests at Society meetings.

Meetings are held 6-10 times per year over lunch, typically at the Silicon Valley Capital Club in San Jose. The usual agenda includes informal meet and greet with wine, then lunch, short presentation and discussion. 

For more information, visit the Bastiat Society of San Jose's website.

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