Economics in One Day

Aspiring entrepreneurs in Quito participate in workshop

The Bastiat Society of Ecuador recently translated FEE’s new Economic in One Day workshop into Spanish, which has allowed our chapters throughout Latin America to engage young people in a very special way.

On March 30th, the Ecuador chapter organized this workshop for nearly 30 students at the Universidad San Francisco in Quito, Ecuador. This fast-paced event was well-received by the students, most of whom have never taken an economics course.

The workshop is a 3-5 hour, self-paced learning experience with a focus on the humane value of free markets, with hands-on activities and guided discussions centered on themes from Leonard E. Read’s classic essay ‘I, Pencil’. Best of all, it is designed to be delivered by non-economists using interactive, hands-on activities and guided discussions.

In Quito, an entire entrepreneurship class learned about scarcity, prosperity, values, cooperation, character, markets, spontaneous order, and trade. They saw how freer markets and decentralized decisionmaking had a profound effect on their simulated economies.

The event coincided with Ecuador's most polarizing presidential election in recent memory, and the professor commented on how clearly this exercise made a case for less governmental involvement in the economy.

Contact the Bastiat Society if you are interested in hosting an Economics in One Day event in your town

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