The Bastiat Society Joins AIER

August 2017

The Bastiat Society and the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) are joining forces and the Bastiat Society is now an AIER program.

Founded in 1933 by Col. Edward Harwood, the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) is a public charity that focuses its research on the intersection of freedom and commerce, carefully studying the business cycle, and helping individuals make better financial decisions.

AIER has an impressive history, and this merger dramatically improves its reach into today's free market movement - especially at the local level.

The sky is the limit moving forward. The Bastiat Society immediately becomes a central program of AIER, and Bastiat Society staff will continue to lead the effort while working with AIER's executive staff to design a program portfolio which leverages their academic research. 

What does this mean for our local chapters?

Our chapter directors will soon see improved administrative support, enhanced speaker and programming offers and ideas, and additional resources to use at the local level. As the Bastiat Society and AIER fully integrate, the goal is to create a collaborative environment where local Bastiat Society attendees help AIER set research priorities and develop business-centric educational programs. 

The Bastiat Society's outgoing President and CEO, Brad DeVos, says, "This is a major step forward. From our founding in 2004, to our chapter expansion effort 2011, we accomplished something truly great. Everyone is convinced that the business community and the academic community will benefit from this alliance. The creation and growth of the Bastiat Society was the first phase in making this a reality, this merger is another big step in the right direction."

DeVos will join AIER as Director of the Bastiat Society Program.

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