The Bastiat Society of Venezuela Clears Government Hurdles
April 2016

In addition to having chapters in the United States, the Bastiat Society operates in some very difficult places. Fortunately, we have dedicated chapter directors willing to do whatever it takes to bring rational economic thought to their countries.

After a very long fight, we are happy to report that our chapter in Caracas, Venezuela is now a legal organization. Thanks to a good lawyer and a lot of patience, the chapter has officially formed the Fundacion Bastiat en Venezuela.

Although the Bastiat Society of Venezuela has been active for over two years now, they were doing so "informally" - as they waited for the Venezuelan government to grant them legal status. 

This new status allows the group to receive funding and become much more vocal in their fight to restore Venezuela's economy. Already, the pro-democracy group Construyendo una Nueva Venezuela (Building a New Venezuela) has added the Bastiat Society to their list of "mission foundation," so other pro-freedom advocates in Venezuela can find the chapter. Our chapter leaders are also working with the Atlas Network in Washington, D.C. to receive think-tank leadership training, and they hope to start a mentorship program for young Venezuelan entrepreneurs very soon.

"We can see a change happening in Venezuela, and that gives us confidence," said Leonardo Brito, director of the Bastiat Society of Venezuela.

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