Strategic Partnership with Praxis
June 2015

The Bastiat Society has become a world-class network of business men and women, and we feel we can do more to inspire and shape the next generation of liberty-minded entrepreneurs. In our first step toward this goal, we have partnered with Praxis to offer a new opportunity to our members.

Praxis takes courageous, entrepreneurial young people and places them at dynamic companies where they add real, substantive value as full-fledged employees. They work with you and your company for 10 months at 30 hours per week while completing a world-class, interdisciplinary curriculum. 

These mold-breakers aren't looking just to get coffee and make copies -- they're looking to learn the ropes of the free market from entrepreneurs like yourself!

Our Nashville Chapter Director, John Cerasuolo has already taken advantage of this opportunity, and currently has a Praxis participant working at his company.

If you would like to learn more about hosting a participant at your company, please email Zachary Slayback, Business Development Director at Praxis, for more information. 

Zachary Slayback

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