New Chapter: The Bastiat Society of Sri Lanka
May 2015

We are pleased to introduce the Bastiat Society of Sri Lanka to our international network. This unique chapter is working to spread economic literacy and the ideas of liberty by breaking down language barriers.

The people of Sri Lanka have lived through decades of nationalism, socialism, and civil war. With the recent election of a more moderate president, and a seemingly more transparent administration, the business community is cautiously optimistic. However, given their country's history, they must assume this is only a narrow window of opportunity, and they are eager to take full advantage of it.

Mrs. Shapiro through her Sinhala language blog continues to reach many interested supporters and new comers to the ideas of liberty and free markets. Similarly Mr. Gamage continues to promote the ideas of freedom daily through his business web portal.

Language barriers are a large factor in the exchange of ideas in the country. ‘Sinhala Only’ language acts passed by nationalist governments resulted in eroding knowledge of English - a skill acquired during British colonialism.

The Chapter’s meetings titled, “Bastiat Economic Forums,” convene leaders in Sri Lanka's business sector to explore ideas of liberty and free markets. They are working on four events for the summer of 2015 (which you can find more information about here). These activities are raising significant awareness for a moral ideology yet unheard by many local residents.

In fact, the Basitat Society of Sri Lanka received significant attention from its first event with Dr. Tom G. Palmer. This led to offers from speakers to come to Sri Lanka, as well as an invitation to host a meeting in Jaffna - a city in northern Sri Lanka. These developments present the chapter with a great opportunity to strengthen civil relationships on the island following the 30 year civil war.

Everyone involved looks forward to spreading economic awareness and bringing the ideas of liberty to the beautiful island country of Sri Lanka.

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