Bastiat Society Mentorship Program
October 2015

The free market “movement” is fortunate to have many student-focused groups. While they do a great job recruiting young people to classical liberal ideas, they are often ill-equipped to guide students who wish to go into the private sector. We believe the Bastiat Society can serve as the link between generations of liberty-minded entrepreneurs.

As we explored ideas, many felt a mentorship program could connect chapter members with promising young business men and women. But would young entrepreneurs and business students be interested?

Working with the Charles Koch Institute, Students For Liberty, FEE, Intercollegiate Studies Institute, and others, we announced our first ever mentorship program in early July. A month later, we received over 60 applications from around the world!

Our goal now is to deliver an experience which will enhance leadership and communication skills, and also explore the role entrepreneurs play in a free society. At the same time, we hope this gives our members a chance to “do more” and influence a young person’s life forever.

The Bastiat Society knows the world needs more entrepreneurs who are principled and understand the moral foundations of capitalism. Our mentorship program is the first step in our larger Future Business Leaders Initiative, which will encourage young liberty-minded people to go into the business world in order to advance the ideas that they believe in.

We believe we found a way to make a large and enduring impact.

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