Our Mission

The Bastiat Society understands the world is getting better, and that everyone benefits when peaceful and profitable trade is allowed to thrive. We promote this fact by engaging the private sector in a positive and non-political society - a network of principled business people. Our mission is to give business men and women the tools they need to advance a free and prosperous society.

Our argument is simply stated: Peaceful, free, and profitable trade is a virtuous activity that enables human flourishing.

Our Philosophy 

Capitalism is the only economic system to produce widespread peace and prosperity. But if those in the private sector do not understand the intellectual and cultural institutions that make entrepreneurship and peaceful trade possible, what chance do they have to withstand a steady series of attacks from those who desire to bring capitalism and personal freedom to an end?

That is why we formed the Bastiat Society: to bring business people together, defend their right to the moral high ground, and arm them with the ideas necessary to advance peaceful trade and human flourishing.

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