“It was eye-opening to see the scope of the movement and made me excited to get more involved.”
Claire Carter, University of Delaware, 2015 Mentorship Participant

Young Professionals and Students

Are you an aspiring business person who would like to learn more about the foundations of a free society, the role entrepreneurs play in creating a better world, and what you can do to lead a meaningful life?  

Current Session: September 2016 - April 2017

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Business Men and Women

Are you a business person looking to make a lasting impact?

Program Partners

What to expect from us...

The Bastiat Society will pair you with a mentor who matches your talents and personal goals. Together we will explore what it means to be an entrepreneur and how peaceful trade makes the world a better place.

During the program you will engage with other participants, our partner organizations, and business leaders to examine what it takes to be an effective business leader and what role you have - as a business person - in preserving a free society.

All participants have the chance to attend the Bastiat Society Leadership Weekend. This weekend includes our Leadership Dinner, Annual FEE Retreat, and a chance to earn the BB&T Emerging Leaders Certificate.*

Upon completion, the Bastiat Society will provide participants with a $500 stipend.

You and your mentor...

Participants will meet each month for an online discussion with our partner organizations and business leaders. 

Participants should meet with their mentors once per month (either in person or via phone) to work through personal and professional goals.

Preference will be given to those who can attend our Leadership Weekend.**

Mentorship Program notes: 
* We are working closely with BB&T to offer our mentors the BB&T Emerging Leaders Certificate. More details will be announced in late 2016.
** Mentors are strongly encouraged to attend all events -- especially the leadership weekend (detailed below).

What we'll discuss together...

Morality of Capitalism

    Well-Being and Economic Freedom

      Framework for a Free Society

        Principled Wealth Creation


        Personal Entrepreneurship

        Management Philosophies

        Advocacy Through Business

        Meet Our Current Mentees

        Andrés Cusme is an entrepreneur. Since 2014, he has worked in areas of Supply Chain for important industries in Ecuador.

        As an International Business Engineer from ESPOL and guitarist from Conservatorio Superior de Música Rimsky Kórsakov, Andrés has effectively combined both professional projects. In 2013, Andrés worked on a musical project with blind young people from a local foundation.

        Andrés has been involved in the cause of freedom. As if it had been a desire of his whole life, he found in the ideas of freedom the invisible force to properly direct his ideals.
        He is part of the political movement CREO, which in Ecuador promotes the ideas of freedom and free market.

        Andrés is currently writing a book about his personal experience with the cause of freedom throughout his entire life. He is currently living in Guayaquil, Ecuador. He is still a guitarist, and he hopes to leave a mark of service within his generation.

        Courtney Olesh is a senior at The Ohio State University studying Economics and Finance through Fisher College of Business. Courtney​’​s​ ​career began with interests in entrepreneurship: she won two awards from the International Franchise Association and owned a College Pro Painters franchise after her freshman year of college.

        Since the end of her sophomore year at Ohio State, she has become more interested in public policy, public choice economics, and how businesses and governments work together.

        Courtney​’​s experience with public policy continued after her summer internship when she became a Generation Liberty Fellow and attended the State Policy Network​’​s annual meeting in October 2016. Courtney​’​s passion for the liberty movement extends to her life at Ohio State, where she is the treasurer of OSU​’​s Students for Liberty chapter.

        Courtney hopes to enter the private sector after graduation and study how policies impact businesses on a more in-depth level. 

        Thais Silva is an entrepreneur in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She co-founded and is CEO of Host Guru Flats, a startup that automates vacation rental management for flats (apart-hotel).

        Thais has a BBA from Insper, which as a student she has had a strong background in finance (as PDH research assistant, Private Equity intern, studying at LSE, etc). Before graduating she had opportunities in Investment Banks and at Ambev, which she declined to launch Host Guru Flats.

        At 16 she opened and operated a company with her classmates. They were chosen to represent Brazil in the Latam’s Junior Achievement Company Competition. There she decided she would have her own business. Entrepreneurship, creativity, working on her own ideas and ideals has always been crucial on Thais’ life choices. 

        Frank Haendel-Gonzalez is a global citizen, originally from Caracas, Venezuela and has been residing in the United States since 2010. Current student at the University of Delaware Lerner College of Business and Economics pursuing a dual Bachelor of Science degree in Economics & International Business Studies, French Studies and Political Science minors.

        Frank is a motivated student with relevant professional and volunteering experiences, both in the United States and Latin America. Working as Derivatives Intern in the Corporate Investment Bank division of JPMorgan Chase & Co. and previous experience in the Capital Structure Team within the Fixed Income Global Data division at Bloomberg LP. Eager to gain further experiences in the banking, consulting, legal and financial advisory fields.

        He is particularly interested in the capital markets at an international level by exposure and learning in sectors including global macroeconomic analysis, commodities and equities markets, financial & corporate strategy, regulatory & corporate legal council among others related areas. Lover of running, swimming, sailing and squash enthusiast. Loving brother and curious thinker.

        Erik Ulven moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 2014 to pursue work in the guitar repair and manufacturing industry.

        While working full time for a local guitar repair business, he established Arrowpoint Guitar Company in 2015.

        Using his background in Industrial Design, Erik works to design new, creative styles of electric guitars, implement new customer service strategies, and push the boundaries of the guitar industry.

        Yang Wang is a major in Economics and Quantitative Sciences at Emory University and doing research in health economics.

        As a former resident of four different countries, he is passionate about comparative healthcare systems and the role entrepreneurs play in delivering affordable, high-quality medical services.

        He is currently the treasurer of Emory Young Americans for Liberty and works hard to promote the free discussion of ideas on campus.

        Our participants and mentors are invited to join us for our

        2017 Leadership Weekend at FEEcon

        Full Details and Weekend Schedule

        Atlanta, Georgia

        (June 15 - 18 )

        Note:The Bastiat Society will reimburse our young participants for travel expenses (up to $850), and pay for all hotel and FEE Retreat registration fees.

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