These programs and speakers represent the very best events our chapters have hosted, and the best new programs from our partner organizations.

Program #1 - Host a SpotLight Speaker

Some of the very best speakers available to speak to your chapter

Program #2 - Host an Event with a Partner Organization

Use our strategic partnerships to bring the best ideas to your chapter

Program #3 - Movie Night

Mix things up and host a free-market movie

Program #4 - Frederic Bastiat by David Hart

Learn more about our namesake by hosting David Hart, the leading Bastiat scholar

Program #5 - Beer Wars

Host an event at a local brewery to discuss how prohibition-era laws affect local micro-breweries

Program #6 - Debate: "The Role of Government"

Invite a free market advocate and a socialist to your chapter to thoughtfully discuss the role of government

Program #7 - Economic Freedom Where You Live

Host a local policy think-tank to your chapter to discuss your state's (or country's) economic freedom score

Program #8 - Intro to Austrian Economic

Learn more about the Austrian School of economics by hosting this pre-designed program

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