Program #8 - Intro to Austrian Economics (for Business)

This short program introduces the Austrian school of economics and explains the core-concepts which make it unique.

Program Outline/Guide

1.) Introduce the current problems facing the economy, specifically the business community
A. Property rights
B. Knowledge Problem
C. Interventionism

2.) How can Austrian economics help?
A. Market Process
B. Disruptive Innovation
C. Business Cycle and Interventionism

Overall question: Why do individuals and the business community own the moral high ground? Does the Austrian school do the best job of explaining/defending this?

Main takeaway: The Austrian School of economics is just another school of economics. While it places more importance on individual decision-making, spontaneous order, market processes, and human action, it was not developed as “free market economics."

Suggested book to give to attendees:
Fallacy of the Mixed Economy by S. C. Littlechild

Printable Program Outline

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Program developed by: Brad DeVos (Bastiat Society), Richard Ebeling (The Citadel), and Peter Calcagno (College of Charleston)
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