Dr. Bradley Hobbs
Advisory Board Chair
Clemson University

Bradley K. Hobbs, BB&T Professor of Free Enterprise and Professor of Economics, received his Ph.D. from Florida State University in 1991. His research interests are wide ranging across finance and economics.

Recent works address cost efficiency in long-term care institutions, the costs of AACSB faculty turnover, the effects of property rights on debt-for-nature swaps, an event study associated with the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999, and pedagogical issues in the teaching of finance and economics.

Dr. Hobbs is a member of the Teaching Faculty for the Foundation for Teaching Economics and is engaged in seminars with The Liberty Fund. His intellectual interests are wide-ranging and include the philosophical foundations of free markets, property rights, and the relationship between economic freedoms and political democracy.

Brad has been active in undergraduate research and served for seven years as the founding faculty advisor and editor for Issues in Political Economy. Brad teaches in our EMBA and MBA programs regularly. Brad grew up on the east coast of Florida in Merritt Island.

Brad has been active for many years in both public and private wildlife habitat and preservation programs. He is an avid father, fisher, and hunter.

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