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My Escape from North Korea
with Yeon-mi Park

Yeon-mi Park is a North Korean defector and human rights activist currently in South Korea. In 2002 her father was arrested for illegal trading and in 2007, her sister Eun-mi smuggled both Park and their mother out of North Korea into China, with their father remaining behind to minimize the risk of detection. After two years of hiding in China, Park and her mother escaped to Mongolia and eventually made their way to South Korea.

Since escaping, Park has written and spoken publicly about her life in North Korea, having written for the Washington Post, spoken at the Oslo Freedom Forum, and been interviewed by the BBC and The Guardian. She is also a media fellow at Freedom Factory Co, a free market think tank in South Korea.

She is a regular guest on a South Korean TV variety show called Now On My Way to Meet You, a program that attempts to bridge the gap between North and South Koreans. She is also co-host of the English-language TV podcast Casey Lartigue and Yeonmi Park Show.

She is a volunteer with NAUH (Now, Action, Unity and Human Rights) and is the volunteer Ambassador of Teach North Korean Refugees program.

Yeon-mi spoke to the Bastiat Society of Nashville about her family's escape from North Korea, her life as a fugitive in China, and the work she is doing now to help other North Korean refugees.

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