Why support the Bastiat Society?

The Bastiat Society does not seek nor will we ever accept government grants.  Instead we are wholly supported by the generosity of individuals, corporations, private foundations and institutions.

We formed the Bastiat Society to bring business people together, defend their right to the moral high ground, and arm them with the ideas necessary to advance peaceful trade and human flourishing. Will you join us?

...because those who work in freedom should know how freedom works.

Membership and Giving Options Explained


The Bastiat Society organization is supported by corporate, private, and institutional contributions. These donations allow us to support our chapters and enables us to grow our network around the world.

We promise to:

- Keep you informed of our activities and how you can get involved

- Put you in touch with other members in your area

- Notify you when a new chapter forms near you

- Let you know if apartner organization hosts an event near you


Companies can show their commitment to principled trade by becoming a sponsor.

Sponsor companies receive:

- Special recognition on this website

- Invitations to participate in special events throughout the year

- A certificate of membership

- An invitation to our annual Leadership Dinner

Additional benefits coming soon...


Local Bastiat Society chapters and their meetings are supported through individual chapter memberships and donations.

  Membership structure and amounts differ between chapters. Visit the Chapters Page to find a local chapter and inquire about members or donations.

The Bastiat Society is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization. All contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.
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