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All meetings are free and open to the public!

Meetings Start promptly at 6pm.

A membership reception follows each meeting.

Unless otherwise noted all meetings are held at:

University and Whist Club
805 N Broom St
Wilmington, DE 19806

Contact Information:

The Bastiat Society of Delaware
Managing Director: Leo Rota
P: 610-308-0993

Past Speakers


Rafael Zahralddin
Nigel Ashford
Chris Casscells
David Stevenson
Steve Horwitz
Tom Palmer
J. Huston McCulloch
John E Stapleford
Brian Brogan
Robert Taylor
Brendan Dooley


Tom Palmer
David Hart
John Hardin
Tony Woodlief
Art Carden
Dan D’Amico
Fred Smith


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Recent Events

3/13 Burton Abrams
The Hidden Costs of Medicare and Social Security

4/3 Peter Bergson
Natural Creativity

4/30 Fred Smith, Jr.
Business Focus Group

5/1 Lawrence Reed
Witch-hunting for Robber Barons: The Standard Oil Story

6/5 Anders Edwardsson
Human Nature: The Urge for Freedom and Welfare

7/10 Matt Warner
Ideas Matter: The Cultural Conditions for Entrepreneurship

9/18 Cindy Hamil-Dahlgren
The Hostile Media: Challenges of Communicating Free Market Principles

10/9 Brian Aitken
Fighting a Corrupt Judicial System

11/9 Fred Smith
Business Strategies for an Anti-Business World