How to attend an event:

All meetings are free and open to the public!

Meetings Start promptly at 6pm.

A membership reception follows each meeting.

Unless otherwise noted all meetings are held at:
University and Whist Club
805 N Broom St
Wilmington, DE 19806

Past Speakers
Burton Abrams 
Peter Bergson 
Fred Smith, Jr. 
Lawrence Reed
Anders Edwardsson
Matt Warner
Cindy Hamil-Dhlgren
Brian Aitken
Fred Smith 

David Stevenson
Contact Information

The Bastiat Society of Delaware

Managing Director: Leo Rota
P: 610.308.0993

Membership Options

Founding Member
Lifetime Membership
$2500 / person
$3500 / couple

Liberty Member
5-yr Membership
$1000 / person
$1400 / couple

Annual Membership
$125 / person
$175 / couple

Student Member
Annual Membership
$55 / student

Educational Group (K-12)
Annual Membership
$350.00 / Group
2 faculty members +
5 students

Contact the chapter regarding special group offers:

Recent Events:
January: Matthew Mitchell
"Pathology of Priviledge"

February: Daniel Klein
"Adam Smith"

March: Richard Ebeling
"Introduction to Austrian Economics"

April: Robert Taylor
"Money in the 21st Century"

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