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The Bastiat Society of Colorado Springs Woodford Foundation
205 E Cheyenne Mtn Blvd Colorado Springs, CO, 80906

Managing Director: Joe Woodford

P: 719.579.9909

E: colorado-springs@bastiatsociety.com

Past Speakers

Fr Robert Sirico
Pam Benigno
Gary Schoeniger
Neal Rappaport
Tom Krannawitter
William G. Marshal

Additional Events in Colorado Springs 

This Chapter does not have a membership program at this time. However, there is a small fee to attend some events. Please contact the Chapter for more information.

Recent Events

1/21 Dr. Bernard Weinstein
 Hydraulic Fracturing

2/4 David Hart: Frederic Bastiat
 The Man and the Statesman

5/12 Paul Prentice
US Department of Agriculture: An Economic Perspective

6/12 Jim Payne
A new Strategy to Check the Growth of Government

7/2 Rob Natelson
Why all the Buzz about a Convention of States?

8/26 Helen Raleigh 
Repression and Poverty to Freedom and Prosperity

11/6 Brian Aitken
Fighting a Corrupt Judicial System

12/4 Paul T. Prentice

Advisory Group Members

Brian Newberg
Dave St Andre
Jon Medved
Garry Hill
Karl Willock
Mark Redner
Mark White
Paul Redner
Venkat Reddy
Steve Marsh
Steve Woodford
Josh Dunn
Paul Prentice