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The Bastiat Society of Colorado Springs Woodford Foundation
205 E Cheyenne Mtn Blvd Colorado Springs, CO, 80906

Managing Director: Joe Woodford

P: 719.579.9909

E: colorado-springs@bastiatsociety.com

Past Speakers

Fr Robert Sirico
Pam Benigno
Gary Schoeniger
Neal Rappaport
Tom Krannawitter
William G. Marshal

Additional Events in Colorado Springs 

This Chapter does not have a membership program at this time. However, there is a small fee to attend some events. Please contact the Chapter for more information.

Recent Events

1/21 Dr. Bernard Weinstein
 Hydraulic Fracturing

2/4 David Hart: Frederic Bastiat
 The Man and the Statesman

5/12 Paul Prentice
US Department of Agriculture: An Economic Perspective

6/12 Jim Payne
A new Strategy to Check the Growth of Government

7/2 Rob Natelson
Why all the Buzz about a Convention of States?

Advisory Group Members

Brian Newberg
Dave St Andre
Jon Medved
Garry Hill
Karl Willock
Mark Redner
Mark White
Paul Redner
Venkat Reddy
Steve Marsh
Steve Woodford