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The Harbour Club
5 Prioleau Street
Charleston, SC 29401

Contact Information

The Bastiat Society of Charleston
180 Spring Street
Charleston, SC 29403

Managing director:  Brad DeVos


Past Speakers:

Edward Lopez
Bradley Hobbs
Nigel Ashford
Stacey Albenberg
Don McLaurin
Peter Calcagno
Scott Pearson
Nikolai Wenzel
Surse Pierpoint
Robert Salvino
Ashley Landess
Russ Sobel
John Steinberger

Robert Hellebush
John Allison
Robert Bradley
Tony Woodlief
Jim Gray
Mark Mix
Russ Sobel
Bill Woolsey
Wayne Leighton
David Nott
Yaron Brook
Ashley Landess

Doug Walker
Tara Smith
Jodi Beggs
Russ Roberts
Jo Kwong
John Blundell
Ben East
Tyler Watts
Les Watts
David Hart
Caroline Baum
Nick Capaldi 
Nick Gillespie & Matt Welch
Isaac Morehouse
Hyperion Knight

Jennifer Baker
Peter Boettke
Spencer Banzhof
John Stossel
Dan Mitchell
Gary Johnson 
Frank Hefner
Murray Sabrin
Walter LeCroy
Dave Albenberg
Virginia Postrel
Bruce Yandle
Ashley Landess

Ashley Landess
Lawrence Reed
Bob Barr
Kathy Gornik
Eric Daniels
Jo Kwong
Alexei Marcoux
Mark Thornton
Tom DiLorenzo
George Leef
Rob Bradley

Marty Zupan
Ed Lopez
Matt Kibbe
Ashley Landess
Movie Night
Wayne Crews
Russ Sobel
R. Ebeling 

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Recent Events:

1/7 Donald Livingston
Is America Too Big?: Human Scale and Political Order

2/5 David Aylor
BitCoins, Cryto-Currencies and the Law

3/6 Mike Munger
Cruise Ships, Paper Plants, and Potato Chips

4/2 Isaac Moorehouse
Five Reasons College Can Wait

5/7 Panel Discussion
Eminent Domain and Conservation

6/4 William Trumbull
Cuba Today and Prospects for the Future

7/2 Denise Froning 
Human Flourishing, Economic Freedom, and Well-Being

8/6 Charleston Membership Dinner

9/30 Timur Kuran 
Rule of Law in the Middle East: Past and Present

10/16  Brian Aitken
My Life as a Convicted Gun Offender Who Did Nothing Wrong

11/5 Sarah Skwire
A Woman Needs the State Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle

Board of Directors:

Michael Chase
Brad DeVos
Tom Hardy
Trip Moore
Tom DilLiegro