Workplace Advocacy

“Our ignorance is the raw material of every extortion that is practiced upon us, and we may be certain beforehand that every sophism is the precursor to an act of plunder.”  ~ Frédéric Bastiat

Your mother told you to never discuss religion or politics in mixed company, but she never said anything about free market ideas.

As a business person, you are uniquely qualified to defend business, profits, and capitalism. Still, talking about free market ideas in the workplace can be difficult - but it is not impossible. If it's done the right way, we could create thousands more allies of liberty. 

Over 80% of our members say they are willing to discuss free market ideas with employees and customers... are you one of them?

This page provides examples of how other liberty-minded businesses are organized, and what management styles they use. Soon, we will provide specific resources and materials for you to take to your office.

Our tips for workplace advocacy:

Do no harm - Stop using corporate funds to support groups that are anti-business.

Be well-informed: The more you know, the more convincing you will be.

Avoid political discussions: Politics divide. Stick to facts, ideas, morals,and personal stories.

Stay positive: Nobody wants to listen to you complain. Remember, the world is getting better because of economic freedom and peaceful trade.

Be patient, very patient: You won't turn a socialist into a libertarian in 15 minutes.

Liberty + Management

Free your company

"Market-Based Management® is the engine that powers Koch companies. Developed by Charles Koch throughout the past 50 years, MBM® is a holistic approach to management that integrates theory and practice, and prepares organizations to deal successfully with the challenges of growth and change. The theory of MBM is rooted in the Science of Human Action."


Self-Management brings organizational structure to an enterprise spontaneously.  Individual Colleagues, directed by their Personal Commercial Mission, are principally responsible for organizing their relationships.  Their Personal Commercial Mission is their “boss.”  The managerial functions of planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling are the personal responsibility of each Colleague.

The BB&T Leadership Institute’s goal is to help companies attain their business objectives for increased financial and operational performance, enhanced risk management of human resources and business activities, creation of a values-driven culture, and retention of high-potential employees.

Their collaborative work with senior executives provides sustained performance improvements that have a deep and broad impact in the organization.

See if they can help your company > 

Do Your Homework

Must-read books for business advocacy

The Law
by Frederic Bastiat

Print Edition

Online and Kindle

Economics in One Lesson
by Henry Hazlitt

Print Edition

Online and Audio

The Leadership Crisis and the Free Market Cure
by John Allison

Buy from Amazon

Why Not Capitalism?
by Jason Brennan

Buy from Amazon

The Rational Optimist
by Matt Ridley

Buy from Amazon

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